A woman’s libber I am not.

I take my role as "C.O.O. of Domestic Affairs" very seriously.

I will not be burning any bra’s
{I spend way too much on them for that}
in protest of my role in the home.

Don’t get me wrong….there are days when the last thing I want to do is scrub the pee of the toilet in the “boys bathroom”
{GROSS, really how hard can it be to aim}.

Okay, focus, Christi.

Since the time the girl blessing was old enough to walk she has been in the kitchen with me. At two she could crack an egg…by four she was making cakes {no, she not using the oven alone}. Now at 5 she spends hours and hours with me in kitchen. Our kitchen time is where I find out what is really going on…

what she likes..

doesn’t like…

how she feels about “stuff”.

Our time is precious, and I know that there is going to be a time when she won’t want to tie on here little pink apron and be in the kitchen with me …I pray that I use this valuable time to pour into her life, and train her in the way she should go.

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Anonymous said...

Amen and ditto.