No need to adjust your screen …this is the picture as you see it.
Why is it like it?
 Glad you asked!
See that little Blessing in the shot.   He did it.  Yup, he set up the camera {it’s really my phone} after his big brother showed him on a previous adventure, and made some sort of action shot sequence using a time~ thingy. I’m sure that is the technical name for it.
 Why is this big deal?
This is the same blessing that at 1 took all the keys off my laptop {he was gracious enough to leave me Y and N}.
He has flushed gift cards …
Taken down entire shelving systems in my pantry {like dominos they came crashing one after the other}
He has filled the dishwasher will ALL the packets of soap at one time and hit “go”….
He is all boy~ all the time and I love him from his dirty little “fin-gers” down to his chubby flat feet.
The Lord had a perfect plan when he gave us Blessing No.3..he is just want we wanted…I just hope he learns to uses is powers for good not evil!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mickey Mouse! Sign him up stat for Mandarin Chinese and a Robotics class with Mr. Cheung...that kid is going to MIT on a full ride.