Okay, so every year it is the same ol’ song ….I guess I think I have more friends than I really do, and I order Christmas cards like I’m Oprah or something!

Well, while John Travolta and Gayle are not on my list, I do have a pretty good size rolodex {yes, I still have a rolodex. There are just something’s I am old school about.}

 So instead of having the kids take Christmas cards for Valentines this year {I only did it one time…it wasn’t that bad} I thought I would scale back my order.

Never should have done it!


So those of you that did not make the "card cut” {maybe I should have not sent to anyone in the “music industry”’ portion of my life…you guys are all used to the “cut”. Here is what you missed.

Merry Christmas and TONS of love from our heart to yours!

{{{{ Oh, the pics were taken by my oober~goober~super~talented niece, Jessica! She available for hire!


Anonymous said...

YAY! I made the cut! Merry CHRISTMAS to the Super Heumann's!

tara said...

Fantstic card!! love the photos, she did a great job!! Merry christmas to you and your family! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love that you went to a laundrymat. That is really neat.

Anonymous said...

We didn't make the cut but I understand and know that we hold a special place in your heart. Love to all xoxox


Rose Carey said...

So so cute! I'm afraid time got the better of me and my "Xmas" cards have not transitioned into "New Years" cards. See you at Irvine.