{disclaimer...my carpet is NOT dirty.but, it sure does look it... uh? I am so changing these pictures.okay, later when I can breath on my own sniff~sniff~}

I am blown away by the expressions of love, and goodness I have received since the “media frenzy”

{sounds important uh? wink}.




It has been “every man for himself” at the HOB headquarters this week. It started with the Papa Blessing coming home saying…

“I think....{wait for it}.... I’m sick.”


"Man sick"!!!
Nothing worse!


Then like dominoes they all started failing….me included.


So, needless to say I have been slow on the old blog {not to mention the laundry, paying bills, returning calls, and scrubbing toilets}. ….. Oh, I think I better lay back down!

So, before I go back to the couch with my box of tissue, and bottle of “night time, fever,ache so you can rest medicine” I thought I would share my lasted living room addition.

It’s she stunning?

She is a 9 feet long... older than dirt... chippy,chunky church pew.

 And I L.O.V.E her.

Just think of all the songs she has heard, all the tears she has caught, the countless weddings,funerals, and lives changed for Christ she has seen.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, found your blog after seeing it in Romantic Homes magazine. Congrats to this. I have to say that I am loving the ruffled pillows against the dark wood, very pretty.

Rose Carey said...

I'm seeing a spot for LOTS more Rose pillows...lol


Carol Taylor said...

love, love, love your church pew bench. i too can feel the love and pain experienced on that beautiful bench. so happy it is in your home, safe and happy ready to see more memories made. love to you, joie x