Its confession time…..
Are you ready?
It’s a humdinger baby, let me tell you.

I’m not a real blonde!

There. I said it!

When we started welcoming little “Blessings” into the fold, and they all had glorious~ dark~ yummy hair I changed from blonde to dark brown.
Truth be told, thinking they might kind of look like me when I did. {I know, I know}

Well, it has only been 8 years for me to figure it out ..... They don’t look like me {they look like Papa Blessings Really, they do}

So, yesterday I text my sweet –hair-do’er friend, Little Wendy {l.o.v.e. her} and I went for it. Not only am I blonde..I am “rock star blond” to quote one of the Blessings playmates.

I have been called…..


and even

Annie Lennox { I like that one. She is tall and skinny}


Anonymous said...

tall & skinny ...yes but awesome, amazing & a super-heumann?? NEVER! only YOU are that cool!

Anonymous said...

You were a rock star way before the hair.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be so brave.