* I can not believe it is March....really?

* I cant believe I have not blogged in two week.

*I'm a soooo ready for spring, and some sunshine.

* I have to clean out the hall closet

* I still really like my "rock~n~roll hair

* Starbucks!!!

* My studio{aka the junk drawer} look like the sight of a nuclear attack!

You like how my brain is only processing in bullet point thoughts today?

* I have no pants that fit...I swear they fit yesterday
Come on, we pay a super high price to live in So. Cali and I have not been getting my moneys worth!

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Rose Carey said...

Can't wait to see the new do! Come by soon at Irvine and say hello. YOu are missed! Also, I reference your blog in my posting this week. Hope you don't mind.