There is power in the family dinner table.

Yes, this one happens to be dinner, yes, I said dinner, at a donut shop. Hey, sometimes you just gotta do it.

Our table sounds something like this....

" Boys, get your elbow off the table."

" Momma, can I have....." {always more of something}

" Honey, did I tell you have to work 100000 hours of over time next week and I leave tomorrow for Tokyo"?

" When can I have a cell phone"? "You are three....we will talk about it again in 18 years"!

" * Ben * {name changed to protect identity} was not nice to me today"

" I didn't like the sandwich you packed me today...remember, I'm the one that doest like peanut butter" !?
Last night was different....

Girl Blessing:  Daddy? How do mommies get babies in their tummy's?

Papa Blessing: Why? {said a trembling voice as he leans over to me in a whisper ..."You talk to her."}

Girl Blessing: Cause at church today so~ and~ so said that you get a baby in your yummy if you have SEX!

Boy Blessing: MOM! Please! This is SO not appropriate dinner conversation! 

Without the time at the table, this might not have been talked about { we finished privately }.The Blessing know they can ask questions...even if they are five and don't really understand.  

So come on...just do it... set the table and sit down tonight and eat together!

not on the run
not in the car on the way someplace
at the table all together!

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EarlyGirl said...

Amen, sister! We have the best convos with the Early Girls at the dinner table... and some of the most frustrating etiquette training too...