Once upon a time there was this young {kind of} mom with a tiny little baby boy.

In a new house.

In a new town.

And this girl wanted new friends to match all this “news” {disclaimer nothing wrong with her old friends}.

So she joined a MOM’s group at a church around the corner {picture above is the church in 1914.. {{{stunning}}}.
And before she knew it, she was in mad love with this wacky group of girls that she now loving refers to as her “Lutherans”{{wink}}
{they are Lutheran..Said girl; is Baptist}.

I had the pleasure of hosting a “Sprinkle” {aka-Baby Shower for baby No. 3} for a “Lutheran”. It was a hoot!

These girls make my heart happy. They are oober~ goober talented. I don’t think one of them bought their cards for the gift they gave…they all made them..while yours truly was mortified as I handed the Lutheran her gift …{HOLD on} unwrapped!!!

What the heck is wrong with me?!

I forgot to wrap it.

Oh, and I caught the house on fire while they were arriving too…but, that’s for a later time.

ps. Said “ new baby boy” is 8, we have lived in two houses since then… and I still love~me some Lutherans!


EarlyGirl said...

As the aforementioned "3rd time preggo Lutheran", I must say that the sprinkle was divine! You are indeed a blessing in our lives, and the party was wonderful. I also have to point out that you made ALL of the wonderfully delicious treats on that table (my faves: lemon bars and REAL cream-filled puffs). Most of us may be "crafters", but YOU are a maker, and you made this day fantastic (not to mention the goodies I took home for baby Jacq...)!!! I love me some Baptist chick!

Anonymous said...

I love your house!

Alicia@ Eco Friendly Homemaking said...

What an adorable shower.I love the way everything was decorated. I am new to your blog. I am really enjoying it.