I am OVER my brown leather couch that I swore to Poppa Blessing would be the best thing we ever did.

I'm just not that kind of girl.

I need white slipcovers...its just who I am!

15+ yards of fabric @ $22 per yard = SHUT UP!

So, I did what any momma of four blessing would do...IKEA.
Not just Ikea, but the "as is" section...you know that little whole in the wall in the back corner where you have to have 9 foot long arms {or a blessing you can drop in {wink~wink} in order to reach anything.

I found a white slipcover for are you ready for this.. $4.99 and some 1.99 cushions.
Got them home thinking I was the smartest chic ever and found out my cushions are sewing into my couch. I was all prepaired to cut them out when "HE" say's
"What you cant do that"
Why not? Im over this couch!
Okay, fine.

So back to Ikea I went {with one blessing in tow incase I needed a digger} for more cushion that I could cut up for fabric, and LOTS of ruffles of course. 

This is the end result!

{phone camara..cant find my camara..not good}


Anonymous said...

No wonder you feell yucky! SLOE DOWN my friend!
Mary Mary

Anonymous said...

URGH! *feel *slow (look who's talking, huh?)

Anonymous said...

WOW! i love what you did.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? That from an Ecktorp cover? ( Which BTW is what i gots in me family room..but your version is super way cuter.)

Rose Carey said...

It was so fun shopping together on Saturday. Can't wait to see your new treasures placed in your wonderful home!


Mary Ann said...

You are awesome and very blessed!!!!