Do you ever look at some of your favorite blogs and do the “where’s waldo” seeing if you can find any dirty dishes in the sink behind the plates of “ Oh this; I just whipped it up right before I made the kids 44 teacher gifts, reupholstered that old couch and shirred 158 sheep”!?

You do too!

Come on, admit it!

I do!

As much as I would like to say that my house is always
“blog perfect.”

It’s NOT.


And to go even further, and say that it is always holy…it is NOT!
We have what we call “Family Church” everyday. Yes, everyday. For the most part is always at 7:00a.m.… it is not always still or peaceful but it is imperative to the start of a Holy day.

There is generally a three year blessing soaring from someplace, a crying baby, Papa Blessings cell phone ringing from the office. Our homes should be rich in many things, but none more than being Christ centered. It is not easy cultivating home in a society that says it is not desirable.
But God says so!
Sweet time among “Blessings” is one that cannot be replicated anyplace. The time spent in worship, study and conversation are sacred and will build a Christ centered inheritance for our children and theirs.


So call me old fashioned …
call me a square…
but, my family will eat from the Lords table.

How about you?

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