The Blessings have been out  of school for 3 days.

Can I get a whoop ~whoop that Phineas and Ferb are wrong, and there is NOT  104 of Summer vacation…they are already saying ”there is nothing to do”!
So ….drum roll please…. 

our “Oh Those Sweet Summer Days to Do List”!

Do you see the one that says Grammie and Pa’s?

Oh, Yea Baby!

That is my favorite…

Glad you asked!

3 Blessings {yes, three this year}
a five hour road trip
2 Grandparents {God Bless them} = 5 days of bliss

Who am I kidding...by day 2 I will be missing them REALLY BAD!


Anonymous said...

How sad you removed James comes over... :0)

c love barros said...

Um Where is sleep the night over?

Rose Carey said...

Christy, it was so great to meet your mom. She is just LOVELY and it is clear the warmth of her personality was passed on to you!

Good luck with your summer outings...and most of all enjoy them!